Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My little Junior Scrapbooker!

Hello all!

Do I have a story to share with you!  You know how I love smooch accent paints!  Some of my customers inspired me to share the smooch paints with my granddaughter - Winter! (it doesn't spill and she hasn't ruined the tips!)  She loves to make cards and those of you who don't know she is only 2 1/2 years old.  We go to the scrapbook stores and she always picks out some stickers or die cuts!  Then we add to her sticker book which was made with bind it all!  Or she makes cards.   I shot some pictures of her making her card!

I am not sure what she is doing here!

She is shaking her smooch - notice her butterfly diecuts!

She has great technique!!
Awe!  That smiling face!
Part 2 of the story......so I took these pictures and I was going to upload them....and I noticed that the battery to camera was almost dead....so I charged it.....set the SD card down.....and then Winter was talking about my camera....which I freaked.......then I lost the SD card.....I looked high and I looked low.....I couldn't find it anywhere!!!  This morning I moved my Cricut and guess what was under there!  Yep, that infamous SD card!  Yay!!!

Have you heard of Skype?  It is this great program that you can download (for free) and you can video chat with your friends and family all over the world!  I did my first video chat this morning with my son!   My son lives in Texas so I don't see him often.  I got to talk to Sierra his dog and Arie the cat!  He got to talk to Winter!  Winter really didn't understand what was going on but she loves seeing the dooggies!  Yep, that is how she says it!  LOL!  It was really fun and so SciFi!!!  You should try it!!!

Talk to you all soon!


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