Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today is Winter's 3rd Birthday!

Winter is 3 years old today!  We had her birthday party on Saturday and she received lots of gifts from her family!  Today she is hanging with Nina while her Mommy and Daddy are at the doctor.....yep Winter is going to be a BIG Sister!  on or around June 22nd!

You know how she loves my cards?!  She is always asking, "Nina, can I look at your cards?" So I decided to take those cards and make her some Wall Art!  Here is what I came up with:

Some stretch canvas, a  little smooch spritz, and the card tops from my cricut cards...and ......
when she saw them she said, "WOW!"  That was all I needed!

So she was playing with my ribbon......I said do you want to have a ribbon party?  Of course she did......well here is the results!  (She running around like a Ribbon Super Hero!)


We always have fun!  

Well gotta go and read a princess book while we are watching Dora!!!

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