Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Firecracker and Fire Starter!

Did you see my sketch of the week design on Cord Camera Scrapbook Studio Blog?   Here is the link:  Cord Scrapbook Studio Blog

So I have a great story to go along with this layout.  Umm .... well you know how I would do just about anything to get a great photo for my layouts.  And you know, that we haven't had rain in months, and the grass is really dry.  Did you know that when you attempt to light a sparkler for that perfect photo for this cute layout that you can start a fire?  Also do you know how fast a grass fire can spread?  Did you know that I come from a family of Firefighters?  At least I knew how to use a fire extinguisher!  LOL!  Yep, I started a grass fire attempting to light a sparkler and yep I had to run and get the fire extinguisher!  Well at least it makes for an exciting story!  We had to settle for Winter and posing with the near by tree flames were involved!  Just a cute little firecracker!

I also have some exciting news!  But that will be on another post later!  hehehe!

Talk to you soon!


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